About CloudSafari

About CloudSafari

CloudSafari started off as an idea inspired by our families who have operated travel experiences in East Africa for almost 50 years!

We've combined our knowledge of Africa with our technical expertise to bring you, CloudSafari - a safe and secure platform that connects you with verified tour operators across Africa!

The Problem

Africa is a beautiful continent, rich with culture, and many places to explore. Some of the top countries that we personally love include Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia, and South Africa (all countries that are listed by CloudSafari).

Within each one of these countries, you have tour operators which help facilitate an entire trip for you. A tour operators role is to handle all your travel needs from the time you arrive on ground, to the time that you leave. This includes transportation, safari game drives, food, drinks, accommodation and more.

The problem with existing sites is they either present too many operators (some which may not provide quality tours) or they are built for bigger companies that don't contribute as much to the local environment. On top of this, most payments requested by tour operators are typically via bank wire transfer which is inconvenient and could potentially pose a potential risk to you as a traveller (if you book with an unqualified tour operator).

How CloudSafari Solves This

At CloudSafari, we focus on making the trip booking process extremely simple for you as a traveller and for the tour operators we have onboard.

Tour Operators
Every tour operator on our platform goes through a rigorous interview process to be listed on our platform. After they are qualified, we give them a set of tools they can use to help manage your trip.

Building a Trip
We've crafted the process to be simple for you as a traveller. Simply pick the country or countries that you want to travel to and the activities you want to do in each. Once completed, we'll give you a list of tour operators that can facilitate your trip based on your selection. When you've found a tour operator you like, you can send them a message directly through our platform.

Communicating with a Tour Operator
Once you send a message to a tour operator, you can enter in our messenger to communicate with them all the necessary details so that they can arrange your trip. Once everything is finalized, tour operators can request payment from you directly through CloudSafari.

All payments are processed through Stripe. As a customer, you have the option to pay via credit card. After payment is processed, we'll handle the rest with the tour operator you've selected.

Beginning your Journey
From the time that you book to the time you go on your trip, we'll make sure that everything is in order with the tour operator and your trip details. Once you arrive on ground, everything will be arranged as per your agreement with the tour operator!

Have any question? Please reach out to us at hello@mycloudsafari.com