Safari in Botswana
A safari tour of Botswana is a magical experience, from striking landscapes to unbelievable game viewing. Botswana is known for having the most abundant wildlife sightings on the planet! Spend time in the wilds with a CloudSafari booking that perfectly balances thrilling adventures with safe game viewing environments. The expert travel operators provide insights about specific areas of Botswana, which vary widely from huge salt pans to the big delta of the Okavango River.

Beautiful Wildlife Awaits
The wild animals of Botswana range from massive in size to small, and they span the differing terrain of this country. Your big game safari here differs from some other countries in Africa not only because of a higher concentration of wildlife but also because there are private wildlife reserves in addition to public ones. The private areas, which encompass about 40 percent of the country, provide more viewing flexibility for travellers than the public ones and almost always preserve the natural habitat.

Snoop on lions as they seek out their prey or watch zebras, elephants, and impalas meander close by. These are rare photographic opportunities to jump on. Marvel at the once-in-lifetime events. It is no wonder that the big game safaris in Botswana are amongst the top activities in Africa. Lions, hyenas, and leopards all are abundant in this country.

What to Expect on a Botswana Safari
Wildlife sightings and outdoor adventures abound in your African safari booking package. There are guided game drives, for example, in open 4x4 vehicles. These are a safe and fun way to see spectacular animals up close. At Chobe National Park, for example, expect to see elephants as there are about 120,000 of them there; the park has the most elephants in one location in Africa. Buffalos also call Chobe National Park home, as do zebras.

Safari boat cruises are another exciting way to experience game viewing. It might be a boat up the Chobe River, for example, where you have the opportunity to meet hippos and see lechwe populations that are only in south-central Africa’s wetlands. A sunset boating adventure is a truly breathtaking way to enjoy the landscapes. Seasonal fishing of tiger fish and others may also be available on a catch and release basis.

Nature walks and dugout canoes are other Botswana safari options. The canoe, for example, might be how your group explores the Delta waterways, provided the weather and water levels are safe. A walk through the wild planes of the Okavango Delta may also be high on your bucket list and include a range of wildlife encounters in one of Africa’s most gorgeous regions. Later in the day, eat meals under the African skies and listen to the guide’s stories.

A Dream Journey
Explore Botswana via CloudSafari with our trusted tour operators for an unforgettable journey that is thrilling, safe, and beautiful, all at the same time! Choose to stay in tented camps or other means of accommodation, depending on the specific trip package. This destination is great for outdoor enthusiasts, honeymooners, and those who want more adventure in their lives.